3-Year-Old Pinned Under Bus Survives Without a Scratch (VIDEO)

girl trapped under bus

Being a mom is scary. Every time our little ones -- or big ones for that matter -- walk out the door, we can't help but worry about all that could go wrong. So when I saw the video of the 3-year-old girl pinned under a bus, my heart went out to her poor mother.

If there ever was a freak accident, this is it. As the tyke was riding her bike on the sidewalk in eastern China, a bus swerved to avoid an oncoming car and landed on top of her. Only the girl's little head and shoulders peeked out from beneath the huge vehicle. I cried. Not tears of sorrow, but absolute joy because this particular story has a happy ending and the entire amazing rescue is caught on video.


As the little tot lay pinned under the bus, rescuers dug furiously for eight minutes trying to loosen the soil around her head. It is an awe-inspiring sight to see them pull her little frame from that monstrous mangle of steel. The most shocking part of the whole ordeal? She escapes without any serious injuries. Is that a miracle or what?

Take a look at the dramatic rescue here:

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Can you believe this 3-year-old emerged from under that bus unharmed?

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