Obama's Teen Volunteers Don't Deserve Special Treatment at His DNC Speech

President Barack obamaThe organizers of the DNC Convention had to know that moving President Barack Obama's speech from the 73,000-seat Bank of America Stadium to a venue that's less than half the size was going to force a lot of people to watch him accept the nomination on a TV screen instead of up close and personal. But they probably didn't know that some of the people who won't make the cut are teenage volunteers, young motivated Democrats-to-be who spent hours and hours this summer stumping for the campaign only to be left out in the cold at the DNC. Cue spoiled American teenager response in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ....

I WANT to feel bad for 16-year-old Madeline Frank and her brother Koby, 14. The kids spent 18 hours knocking on doors for the campaign with the expectation that they'd get to see the President of the United States speak. Their parents should be proud of their kids for getting involved in the political process. But do they really deserve a trip to the White House for this?


That's blatantly ridiculous.

And yet, that's what Cynthia Frank expects for her kids. As the mother of the two disappointed Obama volunteers told ABC News:

I hope we get a personal invitation to the White House out of it to make up for the tickets ... I'm holding my breath. I'll be holding it for awhile.

Now just hold on a second here. I recognize that this move is disappointing for her kids. It's disappointing for a LOT of people. An old high school buddy of my husband's posted on Facebook just last night that her "community credentials" that snagged her a ticket won't get her in the door at the Time Warner Cable Arena, where the threat of rain has forced DNC organizers to relocate the president's speech. She's taking it in stride, along with the tens of thousands of other people who are being screwed by Mother Nature.

Cynthia Frank could have sucked it up like those folks. She could have used this as a teachable moment for her kids on how to deal with disappointment.

Instead what we have here is a mom who is teaching her kids that you volunteer not for a cause but to get something out of it. She's summarily dismissed what benefits to the campaign those 18 hours of work might represent and told her kids that they somehow deserve more ... for VOLUNTEERING.

What's next? Will she take them to the soup kitchen and demand the homeless cook THEM dinner for a few peeled potatoes?

If you want to raise a budding philanthropist, you have to teach them that the reward is in doing something good, not in what you get in the end.

Do you think these teens deserve something extra from the Obama campaign or are they being selfish?


Image via Austen Hufferd/Flickr

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