Mom of 12 Gives Birth to Quintuplets After Natural Conception

quintupletsOne mom in Australia definitely has her hands full these days, as she just gave birth to quintuplets -- and she already has 12 other kids at home! The quints were delivered via c-section by a team of specialists at Monash Medical Center in Melbourne, though sadly, one of the baby girls did not survive. The other four babies, two boys and two girls, are being monitored and remain in the NICU.

Any time a mother gives birth to multiples, people automatically assume some sort of fertility drugs or treatment were used prior to her becoming pregnant. And that's what makes this woman's story even more miraculous -- as she conceived the quintuplets naturally. Oh yeah, one more thing -- she's 48 years old.


OMG. Can you imagine being a 48-year-old mom of 16 kids?! The odds of conceiving quintuplets naturally is one in 55 million, so I guess there's really nothing else to say about these babies other than they were meant to be.

But considering this woman already had 12 kids and is approaching 50, was it really a good idea for her to try for "just one more"? Because that whole "just one more" thing is kind of a jinx sometimes. A friend of mine actually decided to try for one more baby shortly after giving birth to her first -- and lo and behold, she wound up conceiving twins, leaving her with three kids in diapers. I thought she had a tough go of it, but after hearing about this woman in Australia? Yeah, her parenting woes seem like a walk in the park.

Who knows though -- maybe once you are a mom of 12, adding a few more kids into the mix really isn't all that big of a deal. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say she should probably think about calling it quits with the baby making and go ahead and get her tubes tied. She's obviously the definition of "fertile Myrtle," and I'm not sure trying the "just one more" thing again would be the brightest idea.

What is your magic number as far as having enough kids?


Image via Dave Q/Flickr

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