8-Year-Old Gives $1,000 Prize Money to Toddler Battling Cancer

handsAn 8-year-old boy from Illinois was super-excited to compete in a scavenger hunt put on by a local bank in his area -- especially because the winner would be awarded a $1,000 prize. But Wyatt Erber wasn't concerned with pocketing the money for himself. Instead, Wyatt decided to take on the scavenger hunt in the hopes of winning the money and giving it to his 2-year-old neighbor, Cara Kielty, who is battling leukemia.

And someone from above must have been smiling down on Wyatt and wanted to reward his generous and caring spirit, because he wound up winning that scavenger hunt, and was able to give the $1,000 to Cara like he'd planned to do.


Of his selfless move, he said, "I didn't know what I would do with $1,000. But I knew what (the Kieltys) could do with it. I knew they weren't getting a lot of work done, because they were taking care of Cara all the time."

And if this little boy's gesture wasn't heartwarming enough, the fact that he's so incredibly humble about it is truly moving. When his mother told him how proud she was of him for what he did, he simply asked, "Why?"

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It's almost as if he couldn't possibly understand why any other kid wouldn't choose to do the same thing with the money had they won the scavenger hunt. And as proud as Wyatt's mother is of him, she should be equally as proud of herself for raising such a genuine, loving child who has a heart of gold and does good unto others instead of being primarily concerned with his own desires.

As the mom of a 6-year-old, I can only hope I'm instilling the same values in him. I would love to think that if he were presented with a similar situation, he'd choose to put others before himself without a second's thought too. In fact, we should all take a moment to share this story with our kids in the hopes that Wyatt's generous example will be something they take to heart and remember.

What have you done to teach your child about being selfless?


Image via woolennium/Flickr

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