Mom Names Daughter After a Stripper -- How Sweet!

stripper poleAttention, parents! You do not have to give your kid a bizarre baby name to screw them up. All you have to do is admit that their perfectly normal name was born of some not-so-normal inspiration. Take the mom who named her daughter after a stripper.

The girl ended up with the name Savannah, which is perfectly lovely (and not one of those prototypical stripper names ... you know which ones I'm talking about!). But now she's bound to find out that her mom's muse makes her money by taking her clothes out. And it's all mom's fault!


Savannah's mom shared this little baby naming factoid on Facebook, which prompted some of her shocked friends to send it over to my friend B. at STFU, Parents. She blocked out Mom's name for privacy's sake, but still, there it is -- for all of Mom's friends to see -- poor little Savannah was not named for the beautiful Southern city or a talent Today Show reporter. Her mom had strip joints on the brain in the delivery room.

To be fair, Savannah's mom isn't the only guilty one here.

I wonder if David and Victoria Beckham have thought about the future when Brooklyn really starts to think about what it means to be named for the city where he was conceived? Do you really think he needs that extra reminder that Mom and Dad bumped pelvises every time he signs his name? Consider all future teen angst your proper punishment for that one, guys!

I get that baby naming is hard. There are so many names out there, and so many factors that go into this whole thing. Inspiration can really come from anywhere -- a TV show, a book, a favorite song, a random posting on Facebook. But in our oversharing culture, I think it's time parents learn the following mantra: "Our kids don't need to know EVERYTHING about us."


Would you tell your kid where their name came from if it was embarrassing? What inspired your baby name?

Image via Lorena Cupcake/Flickr

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