Mom Gives Birth to Twins Twice -- On Same Day

birthday cakeThe odds of two sets of twins being born to one family are crazy enough. But throw in the fact that those born to the Hefner family all share the same birthday, and the odds shoot to astronomical proportions -- 6 million to 1 to be exact. 

According to The Mirror, British mom Kim Hefer was "gobsmacked" when she found out that they were having twins AGAIN. They already had a set -- Tristan and Blake, who were conceived naturally -- and had only expected one more child. They got two instead, again conceived naturally.

Devon and Logan were actually due on August 13, but when Kim's blood pressure became too high, they had to be delivered early. The date just happened to be July 18 -- the same day of the year on which their big brothers were born four years earlier.


Pretty amazing, right? According to the Daily Mail there are only six families in the world with two sets of twins born on the same day.

Besides being a fantastic story to tell for the rest of their lives, I can think of plenty of other benefits to having all of your children's birthdays on the same day of the year. You could do one big bash, instead of an endless stream of parties throughout the year. And you'd surely never miss anyone's birthday.

Of course, you'd also be hit with one big birthday gift bill. It would be like Christmas twice -- ack! There would also be the worry that it wouldn't be anyone's individual special day. And, of course, there would be the big bummer that your excuses throughout the year to eat cake would be severely diminished.

In any case, I'm sure it will be one big party at their house all year long with that many boys. Perhaps a bit of a rowdy one, but oh what fun.

Do any of your children share a birthday with one another?


Image via Will Clayton/Flickr

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