Woman Gives Birth in Airplane Bathroom & Gives Baby 'Special' Name

emirates planeGoing into labor on an airplane has to be about one of the worst possible scenarios any pregnant woman can conceive of -- so just imagine how panicked one woman felt after giving birth in an airplane toilet on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Manila! (No, I'm not making this up.)

On August 22, a nurse who happened to be traveling on the flight noticed a pregnant woman in pain. She followed her into the airplane lavatory, and lo and behold, she had delivered her baby directly into the airplane toilet. (Ick!) The nurse saw that the newborn was "turning bluish-brown," so with the assistance of another nurse on the flight, she cleaned out the amniotic fluid from the baby's nose and mouth, and two flight attendants jumped in and gave both the mother and baby oxygen masks.

And if this story wasn't already incredible enough -- just wait 'til you hear what the mom wound up naming the baby.


She must have felt the need to honor all of the people on that plane who stepped up to help her and her child in their time of need, which is why she called the baby "EK," which is the airline code for Emirates Airlines.

You have to admit, "EK" is pretty cute, and it's a whole lot better than other names she could've used to commemorate the experience. Something tells me giving the kid a name that somehow referenced the bathroom wouldn't have been quite as fitting or appropriate.

Considering the baby was born premature at only 27 weeks, I'm sure the last thing this woman expected when she boarded that flight was that she'd be delivering the infant not only at 30,000 feet or more, but also in a cramped, unsanitary airplane bathroom. As of now, little EK is still in the hospital, but hopefully he'll be strong enough to go home soon. His mom will have one heck of a story to tell him about his entry into this world!

Are you planning on flying during your pregnancy? Do you ever worry about going into labor in the air?


Image via Simon_sees/Flickr

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