Man Leaves 3-Year-Old Home Alone So He Can Go to Strip Club

strip clubTime and time again we see the heartbreaking and dangerous cases of parents who leave young children home alone, unsupervised. Sometimes I can muster up some small bit of sympathy when it's because they have to work and can't find anyone to babysit, or because they just ran out to get some milk. It's still not right, but at least their intentions are good. I have only disdain and complete disgust, however, for a father who recently left his 3-year-old daughter home alone so he could go to a strip club.

According to The Windsor Star, the Canadian man may have gotten away with it too, had he not gotten into a brawl at the strip club. Oh yes, he did, and in the process was injured badly enough that he had to be taken to the hospital around 1 a.m. While there, he, thankfully, told paramedics about his daughter, who he had left at home.


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Police were called and when they got to the house they found the poor girl in the house alone, naked and crying. The front door was unlocked.

I have a 3-year-old girl and thinking of her in that situation absolutely breaks my heart. She would be terrified. The things that could have happened to her are absolutely unfathomable as is how any parent could think leaving a child that young home alone is anywhere close to okay. It's not. Never.

Thankfully she was okay, and she's been placed with another relative. The father has been charged with child abandonment and hopefully will get some serious help and education before he's allowed to parent her again.

Can you ever imagine leaving your young child home alone for any reason?


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