Mom Who's Told Her Baby Won't Survive Proves Doctors Wrong (VIDEO)

All babies are beautiful miracles; if you think about how much has to go right to bring a baby into the world, it's amazing that anyone is born at all, ever. But some babies are a little more miraculous than others. Take April's baby -- there was a time when doctors thought Cadence wasn't going make it.

April has severe endometriosis, and the scarring on her uterus was so bad the doctors told her she would never conceive without surgery. She proved them wrong and found out she was pregnant on Christmas morning. What a gift!

But little did she and her husband know, her little girl was in serious danger.


At 16 weeks pregnant, April was rushed to the ER when she felt something she thought were blood clots passing. The doctor told her water broke, her cervix was funnelling, they could see a toe, and she was going to have to terminate the pregnancy because her baby could not survive.

Five days worth of tests didn't bring any better news, so she and her husband decided they would terminate. While they were waiting, medical staff was reviewing films, test results, etc. and discovered they were actually wrong about the outcome. April's water had not broken, the baby still had a strong heartbeat, and there was no reason the pregnancy could not continue.

April gave birth to her baby girl, Cadence, in August of last year. She was, and is, a beautiful, healthy little girl.

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Did you have a scare during your pregnancy?

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