Dad Makes 4-Year-Old Sail Wild Seas Alone to Show His Potential (VIDEO)

boy sailingRemember "Eagle Dad"? The crazy father intent on "toughening up" his 4-year-old son by making him do push-ups on a snow-covered street wearing only his little yellow underwear? Well, he's back at again, and this time his antics may be even more worrisome.

His name is He Liesheng, and this time he's putting his son out to sea -- all alone in the wind and rough waves. Remember the boy is 4. He claims that since his son was born prematurely, he needs toughening up, but setting him out to sail all alone in the wild seas seems like a risky and terrifying way to try and do it.

In the video he says, "Only by placing him in a situation with strong winds and waves can he show his potential.” Watch the video footage after the jump and see what you think.



It's not as heartbreaking to watch as the push-ups, and he is wearing a life jacket, but in some ways it's worse. The risks are certainly higher, and while the boy isn't crying, I imagine he's got to be terrified.

I'm all for pushing my kids to do their best and work hard. Ask my son what my favorite saying is and he'll tell you (while rolling his eyes), "Pain is just weakness leaving your body." But this guy is out of control, and it seems so self serving what with the videos and all. It's like he's out to make a name for himself and using this poor boy to do it. Maybe it's what he really thinks is best for the boy, but it seems overzealous at the very least.

I don't know that I'd call it "child abuse" as many did after the push-ups video made headlines. I do think, however, that it's an extreme form of parenting that is likely to do more harm than good for the child in the long run.

Do you think this dad is wrong to push his son like this?


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