Mom Makes Mac & Cheese With Breast Milk (VIDEO)

We've all done some crazy things at times...and most likely, that thing you think is so weird that you could not possibly tell anyone about it? It probably happens in other mom's houses all the time. Just ask your friends, you'd be surprised.

Our CafeMom members share their deepest ...and funniest....secrets on the CafeMom Studios series Coffee Shop Confessions. This time, our panel takes on a confession from a mom who found herself out of milk when it was time to make macaroni and cheese for her kids. So she found a workaround only a mom would think up. You won't believe what she did....check out the video below to see what it was.


You might have done it....I probably would if I still had any handy. And no wonder her kids loved it! I wouldn't like it if my friend did it to my mac and cheese, but keeping it in the family is just fine.

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Would you do what this mom did?

Image via CafeMom Studios.


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