Kindergartner's Tee Banned By School Because It Supports Wrong Sports Team

Michigan T-ShirtCooper Barton, a kindergartner, wore his favorite University of Michigan shirt to his new school, Wilson Elementary in Oklahoma City. He was promptly told that the Michigan shirt violated the Oklahoma City Public Schools dress code and was asked to turn the shirt inside out for the remainder of the day. According to the dress code, students are only allowed to wear Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, or apparel from another Oklahoma state school. Everything else is a violation of the dress code and will not be tolerated.


Okay, so I am not a big fan of University of Michigan football either, mostly because we played them in the Big Ten and those bitches always seemed to beat us, but that’s no reason to go all psycho on a poor unsuspecting kindergartner.

Let me just say this now, teachers, if there is ever a problem with a kindergartner's choice of clothing, don’t humiliate the child. Send a note home to the parents for Pete’s sake. Do you think that child dressed himself? Do you think he had any choice in the matter? Do you think a 5-year-old can understand the politics of a dress code and do anything about it? No, so contact the parent. They are the ones responsible. Don’t make the kid the example of "what not to wear in kindergarten" in front of his peers. Why humiliate the kid?

Way to make little Cooper hate kindergarten on the first week. First he’s pushed out of the nest and forced to sever the apron strings from his mama and now you humiliate him over a t-shirt?

The school says the dress code was put into place in 2005 to help eliminate gangs and gang apparel from the school. I’m pretty sure that little Cooper Barton is in no danger of gang banging, so can we please use some common sense when doling out the punishments for outdated dress codes? By the way, I had no idea that Oklahoma City had such a rampant gang problem. If I were Cooper’s parents, I’d consider moving someplace safer like Detroit.

What do you think of the teacher making a kindergartner turn his shirt inside out?

Image via The M Den

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