Parents Need to Draw the Line at Ridiculous ‘Toxic’ Bubbles Scare

toxic bubblesIt seems like everything we want to do with our kids is toxic. The foods they eat, the water they drink, even the bottles they drink from all have to be monitored so carefully. But I draw the line at bubbles. Now it seems we also need to watch our kids around bubbles. If ingested, they can be toxic.

But wait, is this really a concern? I mean, do kids really drink bubbles? I get that it happens once or twice, but regularly? Hmmmm ... 

Look, I get that these are always important things to discuss and, for most toddlers, bubbles are a great way to pass the time and play. But realistically, this is common sense. Do you really think your baby should be ingesting bubble solution? Will we next hear how toxic Play-Doh and paste are to eat?


While it's true that dish-washing soap often has parabens and sodium lauryl sulfates and other nasty things that can cause diarrhea and nausea, it's also kind of a no-brainer that kids aren't meant to suck on bubble wands or drink the solution inside the bubble bottle.

The Mother Nature Network offers some great tips for moms and dads looking for ways to keep their little ones from ingesting bubbles, but to me, the answer is obvious: don't let them blow the bubbles if they can't stop eating it. My little ones always preferred chasing bubbles to blowing them anyway. And if a child is too young to know they shouldn't put the bubble wand in their mouth, then they are probably too young to be blowing bubbles.

Sometimes these kinds of things just make you question other parents. Like the Bumbo recall. We already knew not to use those seats on elevated surfaces. It's not safe. Those parents who were doing so weren't using common sense or heeding the warnings. So why do we all have to lose because of that?

Be smart moms and dads. Don't let your children drink bubble solution. There. Problem solved.

Does this worry you?


Image via Justin_D_Miller/Flickr

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