Mom Who Was Told Baby Died in Womb Gets Unexpected Miracle

pregnantThe absolute worst news a pregnant woman can ever hear is that something is wrong with her baby, so understandably, mom Shelagh McAlpine was beyond devastated when she started bleeding heavily after suffering a placental abruption during her 28th week of pregnancy, and medics sadly told her that her baby had died in utero.

She was rushed to the hospital knowing all too well that she had lost her precious baby-to-be, which had to have been nothing short of horrific. And then when she arrived at the hospital, doctors still tried for seven minutes to locate the baby's heartbeat in the off chance that there was hope for a miracle. SEVEN minutes. (That's a really long time to search for a heartbeat.)


Shelagh describes that time as "the longest seven minutes of her life," but thankfully, the persistence of the doctors paid off. It turns out her baby girl was still alive; however, they found that she had holes in her heart and lung and also had a potentially fatal blood clot in her arm.

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Even though she was only 28 weeks along, doctors went ahead and performed an emergency C-section to try and save Shelagh's baby's life, and incredibly -- they were successful. Mia Rose was born weighing 2 pounds, 10 ounces, and though she wound up facing 10 blood transfusions, surgery, and a very tough road ahead of her, she proved to be a brave little fighter. And on August 1, she was able to go home from the hospital with her parents and older brother.

If any newborn fits the definition of a miracle baby, it's Mia Rose for sure. I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like for Shelagh to think she'd lost her child -- only to find out seven minutes later that there was a chance she might survive. She's definitely proof that moms have more inner strength than we realize, and the incredible love we have for our kids is sometimes all we need to pull us through an emotionally unbearable situation.

Do you think you'd handle something like this as well as Shelagh did?


Image via Crystal_1979/Flickr

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