Hours-Old Newborn Found Abandoned In Grass

baby handThere are women who get pregnant and decide they don't want to keep the baby so they give it up for adoption giving another family a chance to be parents. Amazing. There are even some women who are surrogates and carry a baby to term to fulfill a dream for another women. Incredible. There are also women who go though pregnancy and decide not to keep the baby and after they deliver, make use of the Safe Haven Law and abandon the child in a safe place where the baby will be found and properly cared for. That's a good thing. But there are also a select few who desert newborns without any care and just walk away.

On Sunday night, a baby girl who was just a few hours old was found alone and crying behind the Woodside Houses in Queens, New York. Alone. No note. Right there in the grass wrapped in towels and sheets. A baby.


I'm not sure what to think about a person who would do such a thing. And it's hard to make any judgement not knowing anything about the mother or the circumstances. Because far too often there are tragic stories behind a terrible discovery like this. But I hope all women know there is a better way if you decide you don't want to own up to your parenting duties. You can find a safe haven -- a fire house, a hospital, police station -- and leave the baby there so she would be found right away with minimal chance of harm. Leaving a child on the grass behind a housing complex put the newborn in danger she shouln't have been in.

Thankfully, the baby is doing fine after being found by people who lived in the building who heard a baby crying in the grass. The child was taken to Elmhurst Hospital and the police are looking for the birth parents to find out what happened. Depending on the situation, they don't deserve to be called parents. A good parent wouldn't do that to a child.

This baby girl will grow up and may someday know that her birth mother left her to fend for herself just a few hours into her life. The fact that she persevered will either empower her or make her question her biological mother's actions over and over again. But there's also a chance she'll never know her birth story. Maybe she will be adopted into a wonderful family and grow up to be a happy girl, eventually a woman who has her own children, and none of this will matter. I am happy she was given that chance, that people found her before this defenseless baby left in the grass alone met a fate she didn't deserve.

Maybe everything happens for a reason. Maybe the mother had no other choice, that this was the best choice. We don't know the whole story. But a teeny tiny baby ... a newborn who must eat every two or three hours ... left alone on the ground with wild animals around, rats, who knows what other dangers .... Considering the circumstances, the outcome could have been worse. Thank goodness she was found and is okay.

If they find the birth mother and she decides she wants the baby, does she deserve another chance?


Image via rumpleteaser/Flickr

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