Couple Who Left Toddler Alone in Casino Hotel Room Made a Foolish Gamble

hard rock casinoYou know how you'd love to go to the casinos so you can wine, dine, and gamble like a young childless person, but DAGNABIT ALL, there's that pesky kid of yours ruining all the fun? Well here's a couple who didn't let a little thing like a 20-month-old get in the way of their Big Easy fun.

Natalie Fouche and Albert Thomas Owens were arrested for leaving their toddler alone in a casino hotel room while they went out for dinner and drinks. Investigators say the two put the child down to sleep, took the phone off the hook, and then spent at least 45 minutes at the hotel restaurant before they were caught. It sounds sleazy -- but then, is this really that different from letting the kid sleep in a bedroom upstairs while you eat dinner downstairs in the kitchen?


I'm sure this was the couple's reasoning. I mean, they were just downstairs, not on the other side of town. And the child was asleep. BUT of course it's different! Do you have other people -- maids, bellhops, gamblers, people from all over the place -- wandering the halls of your home? They made a bad bet -- and they lost, big time. It could have been worse, though.

I don't have to go into all the things that could go wrong, do I? I mean, I could start with, "What if the boy wakes up and ..." Or I could get into, "What if someone gets into the room and ..." SOMEONE trustworthy should be in that hotel room with the kid!

But it doesn't mean you can't have any fun at all. I don't know if these two were traveling, but most hotels will hire a sitter for their guests upon request. It's probably not cheap -- but it's a whole lot less expensive than $1,000 bail!

And here's another option: Grandma. Apparently the court assigned custody of the boy to his grandmother. Who knows what their relationship is and why the couple didn't leave their son with her in the first place. But hey, apparently she's available to babysit now.

By the way, it was leaving the phone off the hook that tripped up these hapless parents. Apparently it automatically sent an alert to the casino's security, who then checked out the room. Now you know that can happen!

Would you ever leave your baby or toddler sleeping alone in a hotel room?


Image via tedmurphy/Flickr

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