Mom Gives Birth on Her Bathroom Floor After Hospital Sends Her Home (VIDEO)

Stephanie and Josh Ihnen

Most women would probably agree that the safest place you can possibly be after going into labor is at the hospital, right? I mean, once you feel contractions coming on, it's generally a huge source of relief to make it to the hospital in time so you have the security of having plenty of doctors and nurses around.

And that's exactly how Stephanie Ihnen felt when she started having contractions at 38 weeks and headed to the hospital to have her baby. But when she got there, they decided she wasn't quite dilated enough, so the doctors sent her home. But it turns out they were wrong, and at 2:00 a.m. the next morning, Stephanie gave birth to her baby boy on her bathroom floor. Actually, her husband Josh wound up delivering him. (What the heck?!)


Are you believing this story? She gave birth on her own bathroom floor, all because the hospital made a mistake and sent her on her merry way -- while she was having contractions!

And while Josh was definitely a brave soul in taking charge of the situation and delivering his own child, he must've been pretty scared -- especially since he wasn't even sure if he was going to stay in the delivery room at the hospital to watch his son's birth. (I guess when you don't have a choice, you step up to the plate.)

Luckily Josh and Stephanie's new baby boy, Cameron, is doing fine now. But when he first came out, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and he wasn't breathing. I can't even imagine how scary that must have been for the couple, especially since they tried to go to the hospital and were abruptly sent home. One thing's for sure, that hospital is pretty darn lucky that little Cameron is ok; otherwise, they'd have some serious explaining to do.

You can hear more about their story in this video clip -- they're definitely two very brave individuals!

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What would you do if the hospital tried to send you home after having contractions? Would you insist on staying?


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