8-Year-Old Girl Vows to Sit at Lemonade Stand Until She Raises $150K to ‘Re-Abolish’ Slavery (VIDEO)

vivienne harrWow. I don't know what's going on lately, but these kids today ... are pretty amazing little people!! From the 6-year-old boy who earned $10K for his dad's cancer treatments with a lemonade stand to the 11-year-old boy who created a bucket list for his dying service dog to the 9-year-old who raised thousands for his ailing hometown of Detroit with, again, a lemonade stand, this next generation just might be the one to save the planet. And if what she's doing now is any indication, I'm sure 8-year-old Vivienne Harr will be leading the way.


While most 8-year-old kids remain blissfully ignorant to such horrific realities as human trafficking, Vivienne was forever changed the moment she learned that kids just like her are sold into slavery every day, all over the world.

"I just had to do something," she says. That "something" turned out to involve yet another lemonade stand with a purpose -- to "make a stand" against slavery. On her website, Vivienne wrote (well, dictated to her dad):

I will sit at my lemonade stand every day -- rain or shine -- until i raise $150,000 for: not for sale an organization that is "re-abolishing" slavery. When you buy #MAKEASTAND! lemonade, you aren't just buying a drink, you are MAKING A STAND! 100% of our profits go to not for sale.

WOW. Not surprisingly, word has traveled fast. And while Vivienne hasn't reached her goal of $150K just yet, she's making huge strides. Today's post read:

i have been alive 8 years and i have never seen a day like yesterday.

i saw thousands of people visit our website and hundreds make donations. we raised over $10,000 -- in ONE DAY.

when i hear about how bad the world is -- and i know there are bad parts like slavery -- i will remember this day. and, that most people are good and kind and generous.

i love each of you for supporting me. i have been sitting at my stand for 54 days now and now i realize that is has all been worth it.

i will not stop until i reach my goal.

She means it, too. Amazing, right? I'm inspired by Vivienne in more ways than one -- not only do I feel compelled to "do something" myself, I'm compelled to share her message with my own kids to show them exactly how much one person (one kid!) really can help.

How does Vivienne Harr inspire you?


Image via Vivienne Harr/YouTube

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