Bus Driver Who Delivered Baby On Board Did Sweetest Thing for Laboring Mom

baby feetOut of all the inopportune places to give birth, going into labor and being forced to push out your baby on a public bus tops the list as one of the most awkward spots ever. And that's exactly what happened to one passenger while she was riding on a London bus in the middle of rush hour.

In a moment of pure desperation, the bus driver, Vently Hewitt, pulled the bus over to the side of the road, called paramedics, and proceeded to help the woman deliver the baby along with the assistance of two other female passengers. And if this guy wasn't already thought of as a gem of a driver for being willing to help, he also managed to usher 20 passengers off the bus before the baby was born because he thought the woman deserved a little privacy. (Aww!)


Being forced to deliver her baby on a bus had to be pretty scary for this poor lady, so I'm sure she was beyond thankful that Vently happened to be driving the bus on that particular day. Somehow I'm guessing that most drivers wouldn't be as willing to rise to the occasion, and some of them would probably go into a state of panic.

But this guy honestly couldn't have been more calm about what was taking place on his bus. He was so cool and collected, in fact, that after the woman and her new baby boy were taken to the hospital, he took a short break -- and then went back out to finish his shift! (All in a day's work, I guess.)

Women going into labor en route to the hospital seems to be kind of a trend these days -- just ask the U.S. truck driver who has helped deliver not one, but three babies roadside! Perhaps before pursuing a career in transportation, drivers should brush up on their medical skills as a prerequisite for applying for their license.

How would you react if a random stranger was the only person to help deliver your baby?


Image via Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

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