300-Pound Kid Has No Business Playing Pee-Wee Football (VIDEO)

Elijah Earnheart

A seventh grader from Mesquite, Texas is making headlines this morning because unfortunately, he's been told that he's not allowed to take part in his favorite sport anymore -- because he's just way too big. At over 6 feet tall and 300 pounds, 12-year-old Elijah Earnheart has officially been kicked off the Pee-Wee football team. The rules of the league state that any seventh grader who weighs more than 135 pounds is not eligible to play -- and the president of the league is strictly enforcing them.

And while I feel kinda bad for him being disappointed and all, I have to agree with the decision made by the president to forbid him to play on the team. Because the last thing any parent of an average sized 12-year-old wants to see running full speed ahead toward their kid on the football field is a boy the size of a professional linebacker.


I mean, football is scary enough when there are kids of the same size playing against each other. Throwing someone as large as Elijah Earnheart into the mix takes the fear and worry factor from parents (not to mention the other Pee-Wee players) to a whole new level.

However, football doesn't necessarily have to be over for Elijah for good, because he is permitted to play in the school league instead of playing for the Pee-Wee team. But both he and his mother, Cindy Earnheart, agree that the kids on that team are too experienced for him to play against, and he needs to get some basic experience of his own in the sport before joining the other school players.

Huh. I'm assuming the real reason they don't want him playing for the school league is out of fear of him getting hurt. But considering just how much bigger Elijah is than the other kids on the Pee-Wee team, doesn't he pose exactly the same risk to them as far as possible injuries go? I smell a total double standard here.

Elijah's mother definitely isn't willing to let her son's Pee-Wee game end without a fight. Nope -- she's doing everything in her power to get the decision overturned so that he can play on the team -- even going so far as to protest with t-shirts and signs that read, "Let Elijah Play."

You can hear more about Elijah's football dilemma in this video clip.

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

So, what are your thoughts on this controversy? Should Elijah be allowed to play Pee-Wee football? Why or why not?


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