Woman With Heart-Shaped Pelvis Explains How She Gave Birth -- Without Anesthesia (VIDEO)

becky's birth story Just the thought of delivery can be nerve-wracking to a first-time mom-to-be. You fret about the baby's size, if your OB will be out of town on the big day, or where you'll be when your water breaks. Then there are those unexpected hiccups, like that of Becky T, the mom featured in the new episode of CafeMom Studios' Birth Stories.

As she prepped to welcome her first child in 1961, the doctor gave her some shocking news: her heart shaped pelvis would prevent a vaginal delivery. (Apparently that is a shape more common to men than women.) Instead, she had to have a cesarean and -- get this -- without general anesthesia! WHAT!!! At that time, her doctor didn't want to put her to sleep for fear of knocking the baby out too. Hear her describe the harrowing -- yet blissful -- birth here:



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