Soldier Surprises Her Little Brother at Ballgame After a Year in Iraq (VIDEO)

soldier homecomingTalk about hitting one out of the ballpark. I'll be honest, I've never seen a soldier's surprise homecoming video that I haven't loved, but this one is especially touching. Most involve parents coming back to surprise their children, or spouses reuniting with their loves. This one is a little different because it involves siblings, but it's every bit as sweet.

Megan Mills serves in the Army National Guard. For the past year she has been in Iraq away from her family and friends, having to miss all of the Little League games of her younger brother, A.J., 7.  But last week she was there for what will surely be one of the most memorable games of his life.


He thought she was coming home Saturday, and was blown away when she walked onto the field during his tournament Thursday. When he saw her, he ran into her arms sobbing and hugged her, while the crowd watched with heartfelt emotion.

She told WHDH, “It made this whole year definitely worth it getting that hug." Here you can see the heartwarming footage.


It's just one more reminder of how thankful we should be to our nation's soldiers and their families. It's not just wives and children that sacrifice for their service, but brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, and so many others who miss these brave individuals.

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Mills will be home for a week before leaving again. I hope she and A.J. enjoy every minute they can together during that time, and that this wonderful memory they created helps get them through until they see each other again.

Do you have a family member or friend serving overseas? What's the most difficult part about having them away?


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