Crowd Attacks Driver of Car That Killed Toddler (VIDEO)

Xavior Nayshawn Hill It happened during a birthday party last Saturday night in Virginia. Wrapped up in the excitement of the festivities, 3-year-old Xavior Nayshawn Hill was chasing a bright yellow balloon. Tragically, when the balloon was blown across a road, he followed, and was struck by a vehicle and killed.

According to, there was no evidence the driver -- a 21-year-old female -- was using drugs, alcohol, or a cellphone. It appears to have just been a horrible accident that she couldn't have done anything to prevent. Unfortunately, however, the tragedy didn't end there.


According to reports, when party goers saw what happened, they reacted strongly and attacked the driver of the car. Police say a group surrounded the car, kicked it, and threw beers at it. Someone even threatened her with a gun. When two of the woman's male friends arrived to help her, they say they were attacked as well. Eventually all three were able to escape, but her purse, which was left behind, was stolen.

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It's not known exactly who was in the group, and accounts of what happened are being disputed, but it's horrific to think of adults acting this way and making a truly horrific situation even worse by their actions.

I can't imagine the immediate pain, anger, and complete disbelief that would come from seeing the lifeless body of a child you know and love lying there. It's easy to understand how intense the desire to lash out somehow at someone would be, but their actions just made his sad death even sadder.

I feel for the family who lost their boy, but I also feel for the woman who hit him. Not only does she have to live with the knowledge that it was her vehicle that took his young life, but surely this attack will haunt her for the rest of hers as well.

Have you ever had an unexpected reaction to grief or tragedy?

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