Mom Gives Birth to 6 Kids, 6 Different Ways (VIDEO)

mom If you're like me, you love hearing other women's birth stories. It's just so amazing to learn how unique each baby's entrance into the world is. Well, after six children, mom Cameron has plenty to share.

In a recent video for CafeMom Studios, she describes the birth of each of her six children, and it's amazing how different they all were from one another. From a typical vaginal delivery to an emergency c-section to a scheduled c-section and even a VBAC, she has experienced it all. Not that giving birth would ever be boring, but she sure mixed things up.

The biggest difference was in her final birth, because after five boys, she finally delivered a little girl.


She said she had such a hard time believing that it was actually a girl after one sonogram that she paid to have another. Even then, she was still nervous painting the room pink. It wasn't until her daughter was actually in her arms that she believed it.

She said her daughter's birth -- via c-section -- was the most anxiety inducing, because she kept thinking of the five other children she'd be leaving behind if something happened. Fortunately, nothing did, and today they're a big happy family.

Here's Cameron telling her stories.

 Did you have different birth experiences with each child?

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