Fans Protect Themselves at Baseball Game & Leave Little Boy to Fend for Himself (VIDEO)

save yourselvesThis week, in Exemplary Caretaker News, we have the couple who ducked away from a flying baseball when it came roaring at a helpless toddler. You have to see this. White Sox hitter A.J. Pierzynski hit a soaring home run. The ball headed straight toward the stands, hitting the protective fence right in front of a little boy. A couple of inches higher and I'd be writing a sad story about the toddler who got sent to the hospital with a broken nose.

But check out the adults on either side of him: Both duck to the either side, making no attempt to protect the little guy between them! Oh the infamy -- and it was caught on video. Have a look.


Oh no, who are those two? If they're his parents or family, this is not exactly their most courageous moment ever. And if they're just two random adults that's still cowardly of them -- and by the way, where are the kids' parents? Really, there is no happy way to spin this story.

Aw, but we shouldn't be too hard on these two adults. It all seems to happen so fast their ducking seems almost more like reflexes. Would I do anything different? I haven't been to a ball game in ages, so I have no idea how fast that ball is going and whether I'd have enough time to think "N-o-o-o s-a-v-e-t-h-e-b-o-y!" or "AGH!"

What would you have done -- grabbed the kid out of the way or ducked to save your own skull?


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