Lego Gets Stuck in Boy's Nose -- For 3 Years!

lego tireFor the longest time, I had an insane fear that one day my daughter was going to get something stuck up her nose. You don't have to tell me how crazy it sounds. I get it. But I'm betting 6-year-old Isaak Lasson's mom would think I sound perfectly balanced.

Her son just had a LEGO removed from his nose ... three years after it got lodged up there. Ahem, still think I'm nutty?


This poor little boy had spent three years struggling to breathe, especially at night, and his parents couldn't figure out why. Visits to various doctors never seemed to solve things. Even antibiotics didn't clear things up. Until a few months ago when a doctor noticed something up there and asked Isaak what it was. Get this: the kid remembered putting spaghetti up his nostril once. He didn't remember the little rubber LEGO tire that a specialist eventually pulled out of his nose (and neither do his parents, of course).

It's a good ending -- Isaak is now fine and breathing much better. But it just cements my fear, honestly. The kid remembers putting OTHER stuff up his nose. So apparently this was a practice he'd done more than once.

THAT is exactly what freaks me out. I was looking the one time she did it (several years ago now), and what resulted was a frantic call to my (nurse practitioner) mother from my cellphone to ensure that she wasn't going to end up with some weird infection from the naughty nostril action. She assured me all would be fine, so long as we got that thing out of there. But I couldn't help wondering what would happen if she did it when I wasn't looking ... and didn't get it out.

Now I know. And it's not exactly comforting!

Does your kid specialize in sticking stuff up the ol' schnoz? What do you do?


Image via Ishan Manjrekar/Flickr

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