Dad Holds Tattoo Fundraiser to Raise Money for Daughter Fighting Leukemia

tattoo gunNick Christofano recently came up with a creative way to raise some funds to pay his stepdaughter Shelby Sisco's medical bills. He held a tattoo fundraiser.

Close to 50 people participated in "Tattooing for Shelby" to help her family with the costs associated with her fight against acute myeloid leukemia.


Mr. Christofano and 4 of his fellow tattoo artists offered tattoos at a flat rate of $100 and then donated all the proceeds to Shelby’s treatment cost fund. (Shelby is in remission, but the bills keep coming.) What a great group of people.

Cancer is expensive. My 16-year-old nephew was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 3 and my brother and sister-in-law are still paying off the bills for treatment 11 years later (he's now in remission). But as we all know, there's no price too high for your child’s health. When faced with losing your child, I think most of us would do just about anything legal -- or even illegal -- to pay for lifesaving treatment. Honestly, who among us wouldn’t go all "John Q" to save our baby?

Nick Christofano might not have held an entire hospital hostage, but he came up with a creative and ingenious way to help his daughter in a time of need. He saw a problem that needed a solution and he made it happen with a little creativity -- and a large heart.

What ingenious ideas do you have for fundraising for a cause close to your heart?

Image via Lady Dragonfly CC/Flickr

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