5 Tips to Start Your Day Completely Stress Free

back to school morningsHeading back to school means a whole new morning ritual. Say goodbye to summer slowness, and hello to organized chaos! Getting a good breakfast into your kids while packing a lunch and making sure you're out the door on time for drop-off can be totally crazy making. The opportunities for arguments, whining, and general crankiness are aplenty in the earliest hours of the day.

No more morning madness, parents! It doesn't have to be a frenzy as your kids head back to school. Try to start your day in a calm way by making these five changes to your routine.


1. Set a Consistent Wake-Up Time

It's so tempting to sleep in, or let your kids sleep in, when you're feeling especially exhausted. But if you keep your alarm clock set, and your child's set, at the same time every day, you can eliminate the begging for "just one more minute" of sleep.

2. Lay Out Clothes the Night Before

We all know we should do this for our kids, but it's easy to forget. Take a minute the night before to talk with your child about the next day's outfit, then set it out. Don't forget socks and shoes!

3. Give Everyone a Job

Whether it's as simple as making each child responsible for their own lunch box or scrambled egg duty, give everyone a special job to do every day. Again, include your child in the decision making to ensure maximum enthusiasm.

4. Fast & Easy Breakfast

Instead of acting as short order cook, make the rule that everyone eats the same breakfast. Whether that's oatmeal, omelets, or a cereal option, get breakfast on the table with very little discussion. Try some quick and easy options and even non-traditional ones to make every eater happy and agreeable in the morning.

5. Weekly Lunch Prep

Instead of raiding the fridge in the morning, plan your child's lunch for the entire week, with her input of course. On Sunday divide what you can five ways and have it ready to grab and go.

Even if you can only incorporate one of these tips into your morning routine, that's minutes shaved off the busiest time of day. Try to lower the stress of morning madness and start your day off happy.

What do you do to minimize the morning rush?

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