'My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I' Is a New Reality Low

16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, Pregnant in Heels ... it may seem like the topic of pregnancy has already been thoroughly exploited for reality television, but leave it to TLC to figure out yet another angle. Introducing My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I, which is a show about -- well, you can probably guess from the title, right?

According to TLC's press release, the show is "a captivating look inside two families as they struggle to deal with two generations of women sharing this life changing experience together. And as their bellies grow, so does the tension."

In other words: moms who are pregnant at the same time as their underage daughters makes for great entertainment.


The show premiered on Wednesday night, and while it's currently a one-time deal, it's pretty common for TLC to air one-hour pilots to get a sense of audience reaction (they did this with Toddlers & Tiaras and Extreme Couponing, for example). I wouldn't be surprised if this turns into a multiple-episode show in the future, given how seamlessly it seems to fit in with the rest of TLC's classy programming.

Anyway, if you missed the show this week, one of the featured families was 37-year old Ann, who claimed she was actually happy her 17-year old daughter Liz was pregnant. She went on to say that she and Liz were more friends than mother and daughter, and that she was certain her daughter was ready for motherhood.

Too bad she didn't tell her teenage BFF a thing or two about the reality of becoming a parent. After the baby was born, Liz said,

I was picturing it more as being fun. It’s definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Uh, yeah. Sorry your mom forgot to clue you in on how babies aren't Cabbage Patch Kids.

Another family was Melissa and her daughter Kristen, who seem ... a little more grounded in reality. Here's a clip of the two of them getting ultrasounds together:

God, that poor girl just looks so, SO young, doesn't she? I'm not sure what the benefit was to taking part in this show, but I hope she was at least well-compensated for participating.

Something tells me we'll be seeing more of My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I, and in the meantime, it sounds like we've got yet another pregnancy-based reality show to look forward to soon. Get ready for ... Single & Pregnant in the City.

Did you see My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I this week? What do you think of the subject matter?

Image via TLC

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