6-Year-Old Gets Death Threats for Anti-Obama Video

Conservative 6-year-oldA video of a 6-year-old boy reeling off a list of 10 reasons not to vote for President Barack Obama has gone viral. And as if we needed further proof that the world is full of hateful people, the wee conservative is taking quite the beating online.

And when I say "quite the beating," people are actually referring to this child as a "retard" and worse: they are suggesting the child be shot and his parents killed. America, we are better than this!


The right-wing Patriot Update blog, which is behind the video, claims all the hateful comments come from liberals. But if you have the stomach to read the comments, the disturbing attacks come from both sides.

Really makes you feel safe about raising a kid in America today, huh?

Frankly, I'm no fan of the little kid's video. It's full of half-truths and misinformation, and it's clear the child has been coached (when was the last time you met a 6-year-old who cared about health care reform or drilling for oil?). That said, we should be able to upload videos of children to YouTube without subjecting our kids to death threats.

Any parent who has spent any time on the Internet knows people out there are mean, and when we allow the masses access to our kids via forums like YouTube, we are taking a risk.

The subject matter doesn't have to be as controversial as politics to draw the hate -- there's always at least one troll out there who will tell the child they're ugly. Because people are mean.

But there's a vast difference between the miserable cretin living in his basement picking on how a kid walks or talks and the type of person it takes to wish a child dies. If the Internet can go that far, I don't know if kids are really "safe" anywhere.

Check out the kid's video:


What do you make of people's awful reactions?


Image via PatriotUpdateReport/YouTube

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