6-Year-Old Charmer's Adorable Note About His Crush Will Steal Your Heart

notebook paper pencilThe web is replete with adorable notes written by kids, but who knows what's legit and what's not? The Huffington Post does, because they actually have real parents send in their kids' priceless/funny/uber-cute notes and drawings. And today's hilarious kid note will totally steal your heart. 

It comes to us courtesy of ShaRee Hirschi whose 6-year-old Trey is already a real ladies' man ... No joke! The kid apparently had eight girlfriends in kindergarten alone, says his mom. Yow! But you see, lil' Trey decided to change his player ways the next year, because he fell hard for The Love of His (First Grade) Life, Annie ...


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All was hearts, flowers, and unicorns perfect for Trey and Annie UNTIL ... Annie accused Trey of "cheating*." (*According to HuffPo, the definition of cheating = Annie, in a moment of insecurity, convinced herself that Trey actually liked Arianah more than her! Oh noes!)

Somewhere along the line, Trey wrote this awesome note, which reads:

RECESS. To day I am go to chase Annie. And try to kiss her. And I think I will like it.

Awwww! Too cute. And so funny. Gee, love ... and life! ... is so much simpler when you're 6 years old, huh?!

Also, after checkin' out the dramatic conclusion of this schoolyard romance, it also bears noting (no pun intended) that we oughta give credit where credit's due. Trey may have a rep as a total heartbreaker, but obviously, the tables have been turned. Annie's clearly running the show now! You go, girl!

How adorable is this?!

Image via Brendan DeBrincat/Flickr

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