Neighborhood Experiences Incredible Baby Boom & Makes Us Wonder What's in the Water

baby bootiesA Minnesota neighborhood has had an incredible baby boom as of late. One by one the women there have become pregnant -- seven in all on just one block of yard-to-yard houses. Come February, there will be seven bouncing babies all there next door to one another. The odds of that happening have got to be astronomical!

According to a story from ABC, they were all friends before, but they didn't realize what was going on until summer when they were all outside more. Then the pregnant bellies were prominent and they started to realize how unique their situation was.


Of course the inevitable question to ask is what's in the water? While it probably has nothing to do with water, science does offer some explanation. Dr. Virginia Lupo told KSTP that at some level pregnancy could be contagious:

It definitely is known that women who live together cycle together. In a sorority a lot of girls will cycle together, so it's sure possible they could get pregnant at the same time. There may be something with the pineal glad. We're not sure, but there's definitely some kind of hormonal communication going on.

My question when I was considering having children would have been: What's for sale in the neighborhood?

Besides the support of going through pregnancy together, can you imagine having that many children the same age to play with right there. An instant playgroup just waiting to happen! I so wanted everyone I knew to get pregnant when I was pregnant so we could all raise our kids together. It didn't happen that way, but how cool for them.

I think our kids are meant to grow up together. I foresee lots of backyard activity with all our families, bonfires, baseball and hockey games, hanging out by kiddie pools and sprinklers in the summer and grill-outs.

Sounds like fun to me.

Were you pregnant at the same time as many of your friends or neighbors?

Image via simplyla/Flickr

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