Overweight 12-Year-Old Runner Is More Inspiring Than Olympians (VIDEO)

Boy JoggingLike many, I watch the Olympics in awe of the amazing feats the athletes accomplish with their taut and toned bodies, and I'm inspired to push myself further and reach fitness goals I have set for myself and my family. However, a new Nike commercial featuring an overweight 12-year-old boy from London, Ohio, provides as much, if not more, inspiration.

It's a simple advertisement, but its message is powerful and has gone viral because it moves people so much. In it, the boy named Nathan simply jogs down a road. He's not fast; he's not going to win any races ... at least not yet. But he keeps going. The message from Nike: "Greatness is not beyond his reach, nor is it for any of us.”



Pretty amazing, right? And what a wonderful message for our children to learn -- that everyone can be great physically if we just try. Even if they're not the fastest kid on the soccer field, or they're picked last in gym class every time -- they still can find their own greatness.

My son is doing his first triathlon this Sunday, on his ninth birthday. It's a short one, nothing too extreme, but I'm so excited for him. He plays a host of sports and has gotten more physical over the years. However, truth be told, he'd much rather be playing video games if he could. But having my children be active and learn to love the power of exercise is one of my greatest goals as a parent, so when this opportunity came up, I encouraged him to give it a try.

Training for it has been a bit like pulling teeth at times, and I sometimes question where my encouragement meets pushing him too hard, but I know in the end, when he crosses the finish line, he's going to be proud that he did it, no matter where he finishes. And that will be great.

How do you encourage your children to find their greatness?


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