Dad Surprises Son With ‘Star Wars’ Military Homecoming … on His Birthday (VIDEO)

military star wars dad As every parent knows, a lot can happen in 14 months. Growth spurts, new hobbies, expanded vocabulary, you name it. During the 14 months Col. Rob Kiebler spent in Afghanistan with the U.S. Air Force, his 5-year-old son Danny was becoming obsessed, as so many little boys do, with all things Star Wars. So of course when Col. Kiebler decided to surprise Danny with an especially awesome homecoming, he knew exactly how to make it a moment the young padawan would never forget.

(Did I mention it was Danny's birthday?)


Col. Kiebler enlisted the aid of his wife Marcelle -- who enlisted the help of a bunch of friends with awesome Star Wars costumes -- to set the scene: At Danny's birthday dinner, all of his favorite Star Wars characters would suddenly show up at the restaurant to wish him well ... including one very special Jedi.

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Oh my god. When Col. Kiebler takes off his Obi-Wan hood and little Danny realizes his Daddy is back home, well ... you'll see:

For once, I'm actually in agreement with a YouTube commenter. Under this heartmelting clip, user rival222 posted: "Some idiot in the next office must be cutting up some onions ... "

Funny, somebody in my office must be doing the same thing! Or it could be that this is simply one of the sweetest surprise military homecomings I've ever seen.

What did you think of this Star Wars military homecoming? (Somebody cutting up onions in your office, too?)


Image via Marcelle Furrow-Kiebler/YouTube

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