8-Year-Old Boy Saves Stranger From Drowning (VIDEO)

Cooper DavisCooper Davis is a hero, no doubt. The 8-year-old was visiting California earlier this month with his family from his hometown of Johns Creek, Georgia. While swimming at a hotel near Disneyland, he saw another boy his age lying at the bottom of the pool.

Cooper told ABC that at first he thought the boy was playing, but then he heard someone say he was drowning. So Cooper literally dove into action.

Without hesitation or waiting for someone bigger or stronger, he swam down and grabbed the boy with one arm. Then he pulled him to the surface. At that point the boy was unconscious and "basically dead," Cooper said.


As the boy lay limp beside the pool, Cooper's dad, Jeff Davis, jumped in to help, and he and another Good Samaritan performed CPR. After a few minutes they felt a faint pulse, and he began breathing. Rescue workers arrived shortly thereafter and said Cooper's quick action definitely saved the boy's life.

What an amazing young man. Not only to be that skilled of a swimmer at such a young age (he's taken lessons and been on swim team), but to have the composure to act so swiftly in such an emergency situation. Thank goodness he was so aware too.

I've spent a lot of time this summer in crowded water parks and pools, and I'm constantly having those heart-dropping moments when I see kids underwater for a bit too long. Fortunately, most of them ARE just playing and pop up a few seconds later, but it's easy to see how drownings can happen in crowded places with plenty of people around. Unfortunately, not all are so lucky to have someone like Cooper around.

When asked about his heroics, he simply says: "I'm just glad the kid is okay." What a cool kid. Here he is telling the story in his own words.

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What's the most heroic thing your child has ever done?


Image via ABC

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