Baby Who Woke From Coma After Mom's Hug Reaches Huge Milestone (VIDEO)

Baby Adam Cheshire
Baby Adam Cheshire
There are few things more sad than hearing about a baby who's in a coma. And there are few things more heartwarming than hearing about a baby who woke up from a coma after his mom gave him a hug.

After little Adam Cheshire was born last year, weighing in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces, his mother, Charlotte, started noticing that he was making strange grunting noises, and he wasn't all that interested in eating. After she took him for a round of tests, Adam was placed in the NICU, where his organs began to shut down, he stopped breathing, and he started having seizures. Adam was placed on a ventilator and kept in an induced coma. Shortly thereafter, doctors discovered that this poor little baby had Group B Meningitis Strep -- something we're usually all tested for (Group B Strep) toward the end of our pregnancy.


This story is a sweet one, though! Like I said, baby Adam awoke from his coma after getting a cuddle from his mother. He has a hearing impairment, but was well enough to go home, where Mom spent up to 12 hours a day in a rocking chair with her baby, providing him with "kangaroo care." And now, 16 months later, despite having some health complications, Adam just took his first steps! That's a huge thing for any parent, but it's even more special for the parents of Adam.

I honestly cannot imagine what it would be like to see any newborn baby in a coma, let alone -- God forbid -- my own. Truly, nothing sounds worse in this world. But it sounds like baby Adam -- a miracle in every way -- is proof that, regardless of what state either person is in, there is no bond like that of the one between a mother and her child. All Adam needed was a hug from his mom to know that things were okay, to know that it was okay to wake up. And a hug from her baby is all that Charlotte needed, too.

Here's a video of Charlotte talking about her heartbreaking ordeal:


Isn't this amazing?

Image via GBSSCharity/YouTube

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