Tough Moms Show Olympic Athletes What a Real Workout Is (VIDEO)

diaper shotputSo, to be perfectly honest, I've never really known what shot put is, besides being some kind of sport. (Fine, I'm not the athletic type, okay?) But as a mom of two, I do know a bit about dirty diapers. So even if I don't understand why Diaper Shot Put involves moms tossing poopy diapers across a field, I still think it's pretty dang funny.

I think the whole idea of the "Mama Natural Games" is pretty dang funny, actually. Yup, the folks who brought us "Sh*t Crunchy Dads Say" decided that since "moms compete in Olympic feats daily" from "holding a toddler while cooking the family dinner, to tromping around on all fours with a gaggle of kids in the park," we should get our own gold medals. Hear, hear!


I can think of so many everyday mom tasks that require Olympic-level strength and coordination. How about the Carry a Stroller Up the Subway Stairs While Holding a Toddler's Hand and Balancing a Baby on Your Hip? Or the Read Toddler a Bedtime Story While Simultaneously Bouncing Colicky, Screaming Baby? Oh, how the list goes on. If you know what I'm talking about, you'll love this video:

Ha! Think you could beat these tough, diaper-tossing moms?

What mommy task would win you the gold?


Image via MamaNaturalBlog/Flickr

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