Man Accused of Mugging a 2-Year-Old Is a Total Loser Among Thieves

braceletIt's getting dangerous out there for a bling-wearin' babe! For the second time this year, some creep mugged a toddler. In the first incident a guy ripped a $400 necklace right off a 3-year-old boy's neck. Later, just a half-mile away, a thug got into an elevator with a 2-year-old girl and snatched her $300 bracelet. He also yanked off a necklace from the girl's pregnant mother.

Wow, stealing from little children -- that's pretty low. "He didn't care that I was pregnant and that he was stealing from a little girl," says the girl's mother, Adriani Espinal. Fortunately a man has been arrested in connection with the mugging (no word yet if he's being charged for the boy's mugging as well). But the poor little girl is now terrified of strangers.


I know some people are going to be all, "Why would you put a $400 necklace on a toddler? You're just asking to be mugged!" THAT'S NOT THE POINT, judgy-lady. The point is, what is wrong with people who steal from babies? You should be able to put whatever crazy-expensive jewelry you want on your toddler without worrying about having it torn from her little neck. For that matter, the same applies to adults, too. But you have to be a real heartless jerk to steal from a tot.

People who mug toddlers aren't just taking their possessions. They're also taking away their sense of security. Imagine how scary that would be -- some big adult just grabbing at your body like that and taking away special gift that you wear every day. What a violation. That must be as traumatizing as any other physical abuse. I hope if the suspect is proven guilty, the judge throws the book at him. I say we start by demoting his Man Status and downgrading him to Spineless Wonder.

Do you think it's worse to steal from a toddler than it is to steal from an adult?


Image via Monica Fiorella Jewelry/Flickr

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