Horrific Beatings of Toddlers Show Why Mixed-Age Daycare Is a Really Bad Idea (VIDEO)

daycareIt's a working parent's worst nightmare -- your child being beaten during daycare. Though this case is particularly disturbing because it wasn't a worker terrorizing the toddlers, but actually a 9-year-old abuser.

Parents in Mississippi were horrified when they saw the video of one boy beating up the smaller kids, including biting and punching an 11-month-old.


You won't believe your eyes as this brute drop-kicks a toddler in the back, picks her up, and then does it again. All the while, a daycare worker is just a few feet away with her back turned. I would literally go ballistic if this happened to my child. When the kids cry and adults come to check things out, the bully pretends to be concerned too, patting his victim on the back.

Understandably, parents with kids at the Kiddie City Child Care Center in Vicksburg are furious. I certainly would be. Well, a judge's ruling may only make them angrier. Because the attacker is under 12, he doesn't face any criminal charges. Police say punishment will likely be some sort of rehab. I won't deny this kid needs help, but a part of me wishes they could just lock him up for awhile too. The daycare worker was arrested and charged with two counts of contributing to the neglect of a minor.

This video should make every parent rethink putting their kid in a mixed-aged daycare. I used to think the main problem would be a toddler feeling left out as the older kids ran around together. Or perhaps a younger child getting hurt as they tried to keep up with the bigger kids. Little did I know, that should be the least of my concerns. If there is not enough room to keep the age groups separated at all times, then it's probably not the safest environment.

These toddlers could have been badly hurt. God knows what emotional scars they already carry from being tortured yet unable to tell anyone what was happening to them. It makes me angry at the clueless daycare worker, this cruel bully, and his parents. Clearly something is very wrong in his life to make him want to hurt other children like that.

See the vicious beating here:


Do you have fears about daycare? If so, what are your biggest concerns?

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