Girl's Head Is 3 Times Size of an Adult's & There's Nothing Parents Can Do

sad cloudsI can't imagine a fate more horrifying as a parent than knowing your child is ill and dying, and there's nothing that can be done to save her. Except, perhaps knowing that there IS something that can be done, but you just can't afford it -- that would be unbearable. That's just the tragic case, however, for the family of 3-year-old Dilla Anargia Adilla, who is suffering from an extreme case of hydrocephalus.

The pictures of little Dilla are difficult to see. The Indonesian toddler's head is swollen to gigantic proportions. According to The Sun, her head is three times the size of an average adult head. It's the result of the condition, which causes excess fluid to flow to the brain, and she's currently bedridden, unable to walk or talk.

It's heartbreaking, but even more so because there's a simple surgery that could have stopped it from getting to this point -- a routine, two-hour procedure that could have prevented all of this. Her parents, however, simply couldn't afford it.


Now, because it's progressed so far, even if they had the money, doctors are reluctant to operate on her. If they do, she could face serious, life-long disabilities. Her mother, Puspita, told the paper:

Ever since I was told by the doctors before her birth about her disabilities I have accepted it from the start. But seeing Dilla in so much pain is obviously tearing me apart.

So now they pray for a miracle. "We are not sure there’s going to be a miracle but we can only hope and the rest is up to God,” she said.

I hope somehow that they get their miracle. Perhaps with the publicity the story is finally getting there will be some doctor who will step in willing to try, or some donations can be raised for her care. I hope it's not simply too late.

It's heartwrenching that it had to get to this point, and it's unbearable to consider how many other families around the world -- including those in the United States -- are forced to see their children suffer because they can't afford the treatments to save them. No parent should have to, but unfortunately, plenty do.

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Have you ever been forced to make a decision about your child's health due to financial concerns?


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