Identical Twin Sisters Give Birth Just One Hour Apart (VIDEO)

twin sisters give birth

A pair of identical twin sisters named Zaakira Mitchell and Shaakira White were thrilled to become pregnant only a few weeks apart -- and they were even more ecstatic when they wound up giving birth to their babies on the very same day! They were due a month apart, so it was a total shock when the sisters wound up going in to labor on what they probably thought would be another regular, old Tuesday.

And if the fact that their babies share the same birthday wasn't a big enough coincidence -- Zaakira & Shaakira actually gave birth within an hour of each other. What are the odds?


And considering the two sisters even shared the same doctor during their pregnancies, it's a wonder that they didn't have some sort of showdown in the hospital as to whose baby he was going to deliver. Zaakira wound up giving birth first -- and then Shaakira's two babies (yep, she had twins) arrived just one hour later.

Many twins insist that they are connected on a level that other people don't understand, and if anyone can prove it, I'd say it's these two. It's almost like their biological clocks were ticking at the exact same time, and when one sister went into labor, the other's body sprang into action as well.

After spending their entire lives sharing each other's experiences, it seems only fitting that they would get to bring their children into the world together as well. Can you even imagine the birthday parties that these three cousins will have over the years?

Take a look at this video to hear more about Zaakira and Shaakira's amazing story.


Do you have any close friends or siblings who are also pregnant, and could possibly give birth on or near your due date?


Image via WBTV

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