Miracle 'Dark Knight' Baby Knew Exactly What His Mom Needed (VIDEO)

Katie and Hugo Medley
Katie and Hugo Medley
Yesterday, at 7:11 a.m., a little miracle was born. Hugo Jackson Medley made it into the world, after his mother, Katie Medley, managed to escape the horrific Dark Knight shootings in Aurora, Colorado safe and unharmed. Hugo is perfectly healthy and perfectly adorable in every way possible. Tragically, though, his father, who's is in the same hospital as he, but in a coma, is another story.

I'm not going to go there today, though. I'm not going to focus on the sad. Not only because we covered it yesterday, but because I feel like all we're reading lately are terrible, horrific, unbelievably sad, depressing things (understandably), and we could all use a little cheering up. So, let's just talk about sweet, sweet Hugo, okay?


First of all, it really is amazing that Katie wasn't one of the 58 people injured (or 12 people killed) at the Dark Knight shooting. And what's even more amazing is that little Hugo, who was safe in his mama's belly, had no idea what was even going on at the time. And now here is, healthy as can be.

Clearly, this is a bittersweet time for Katie, a really messed-up juxtaposition, but it's almost as if Hugo came at the perfect time. He knew exactly how to be there for his mom. There's no other feeling in the world that can compare to holding your child for the very first time, and I have no doubt that after everything she went through, this is exactly what Katie needed.

How amazing is it that Hugo came when he did?

Image via calebmedley.com

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