Bar Offers Pregnancy Test So Women Think Before They Drink (VIDEO)

pregnancy testWe’ve all seen our fair share of weird crap in bars. Perhaps, time and again, we’ve even been the cause of weird crap in bars. But a watering hole in Minnesota called Pub 500 is doing us one better: They’ve installed a vending machine that dispenses pregnancy tests in their upscale establishment. Not condoms. Not tampons. Not even gumballs. Pregnancy tests.

With the swift swipe of a credit card -- and for only $3, might I add -- women (or men) can purchase a pregnancy test before ordering that glass of merlot or that tumbler of scotch. Because everybody waits until they’re out at a bar -- and about to order a good, stiff drink -- to see if they’re with child, right?


The idea came from one of the bar’s regulars, a former school teacher and expert in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, Jody Allen Crowe. Speaking in regards to the effects he’s seen alcohol have on children, Crowe said: “I’ve seen wonderful, wonderful children who struggle mightily learning how to read and do math.” The money the machine makes will all go to Crowe’s non-profit charity, “Healthy Brains for Children.”

Now. Will something like this -- something like a pregnancy test vending machine -- actually deter women from imbibing during their gestation? Possibly. I dunno. I mean, it certainly wouldn’t be the first place I’d choose to pee on a stick, but at the very least the machine may serve as a reminder to women that, hey, they might be carrying a baby! And, hey, if they are, they shouldn’t be drinking! (And at $3 a pop, it really is a steal.) It also takes the work out of the whole “making the decision to go out and buy a pregnancy test/going out a buying a pregnancy test.” Because the test is already right there. (Of course, if “there” for you is Pub 500.)

Whether these machines will actually serve as a deterrent for women drinking while pregnant remains to be seen, but the fact that they exist can’t be a bad thing. It’s raising money for a solid charity and shining a light on the effects of drinking while pregnant. It’s kind of like the little angel on your shoulder telling you not to drink. And, again, the tests are only three bucks. That, in and of itself, is good enough reason for me.

Do you think this will deter women from drinking while pregnant?

Image via Daquella manera/Flickr

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