2-Year-Old Saves Adorable Baby Sloth's Life ... With Her Teddy Bear

baby slothIf you've ever had a toddler who was attached to a certain stuffed animal or doll or blanket or whatever else, you know how easy it is to part a kid with her object of affection ... which is to say, not very. Nope, not very easy at all. In fact, those parents who have a limited tolerance for ear-piercing shrieks, sobbing and being assaulted by tiny fists might even say it's a downright impossible task. So to hear about a 2-year-old willingly sacrificing her most favoritest teddy bear is a pretty big deal. Now that's what I call selflessness.

Of course, it probably helps when the 2-year-old is giving up her cherished toy for the sake of an adorable baby sloth. I mean we're talking an ah-doooorable baby sloth who literally would have starved to death without that little girl's cuddly companion.


The little girl's mommy is a zookeeper at the Burgers' Zoo in Arnhelm, Holland, where Sjakie the baby sloth lives. The little sloth's mommy was running out of milk, oh no! Zookeepers tried to feed Sjakie with a syringe, but baby sloths like to cling to their mothers while they feed and, basically, won't nurse without a cuddle buddy. Zookeepers tried a bunch of different substitute stuffed animals, but none of them did the trick. So Sjakie was starving.

Until, that is, one of the zookeepers took Sjakie home -- where her 2-year-old daughter stepped in. Knowing exactly how cuddly her own teddy bear was, she offered him up with these generous words: "I give him to Sjakie."

Awww! Clearly that child is going to grow up to be the Jane Goodall of the sloth world. How sweet. From one baby to another. Interspecies toy-sharing. AWWWW.

Oh, and by the way? The kid ain't getting her teddy bear back. Because baby sloths also like to pee all over everything, apparently.


Does your toddler have a favorite toy? Would she give it away?

Image via Dave Gingrich/Flickr

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