Demi Moore's Daughters Supposedly Getting a Restraining Order Against Her

Demi MooreDemi Moore has had it pretty rough over the last couple of years, what with the divorce and the eating disorder and the drugs and what not. Sometimes all it takes is one suckish event to be the catalyst for the others to come barreling in. Now her daughters—Rumer, 23, Scout, 22, and Tallulah, 18—are reportedly toying with the idea of filing a restraining order against her.

How do ya like that?! Kids, I tell ya. You haul them around for nine months, battle morning sickness, sport swollen hands and feet, soldier through back spams and charley horses, sacrifice your waistline, endure the yawn fest that is bed rest, and then perform the ultimate miracle of pushing them out into the world and what do you get? Some 20-odd years later they’re getting court orders for you to stay 50 feet away from them.

Almost makes getting that puppy you always wanted more palatable, no?


I kid, I kid, of course. Puppies are hard work, too.

Surely, the decision to cut off your mother is not one made flippantly (except, perhaps, when you’re a teenager and every lecture or imposed punishment is grounds to give mom the ol’ heave ho), even by Hollyweird standards. When Demi’s marriage to Ashton very publicly crashed and burned, Rumer was there by her mama’s side, being a crutch and a support in her time of need. Now she’s toying with the restraining order idea along with her sisters. Apparently the root cause of the brouhaha are Demi’s incessant calls and pleading requests to see them. The nerve.

The real kicker? The girls stay in touch with Ashton. As in cheating-dog-ex, didn’t-keep-it-in-his-pants, publicly-humiliated-his-wife-and-their-mother, people-said-it-would-never-last-and-oh-look-it-didn’t Ashton. Now if that’s not an emotional karate chop, I don’t know what is. Stay buddy buddy with the former husband, put a restraining order on the mother. Sexy.

Only the people at the core of the fight really know what’s going on, and since I’m both a mother and a daughter, I can see both sides of the argument, using the piecemeal bits of information we have about the story, anyway. So all I’m going to say is choose wisely, Willis girls.

Has there ever been a situation that made you cut your mother completely off? Why?

Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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