Mom Begs for Epidural & Midwife Refuses to Allow It (VIDEO)

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Any mom who has a birth plan in place wants to do everything in her power to stick to it, but sometimes things don't exactly go as planned during labor & delivery -- as one mom named Emily knows all too well.

Emily shared her birth story of her second son with CafeMom Studios, and she explained how she was determined to give birth to him vaginally since she'd been put under and had a C-section with her first child. She wanted to be able to witness her precious boy coming into the world no matter what happened -- which is why she had no choice but to muster all of her courage when she begged for a second epidural, and her midwife refused.


Take a look at the video clip below to hear more of Emily's story.

OMG. I gotta give Emily tons of credit for listening to her midwife and powering through the pain in order to be able to watch her son being born -- because I can't imagine how excruciating her labor must have been. I was fortunate enough to have an epidural that was on a constant drip & never wore off -- but if I'd been in Emily's shoes? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I would've whined like a baby until the midwife gave in.

It's wonderful that she was able to find her inner strength and experience the miracle of her son's birth exactly the way she wanted to!

Are you willing to stick to your birth plan even when things get tough?

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