Frustrated Mom Glues Potty Training Toddler's Hands to the Wall

glueWe all know how frustrating potty training can be. It takes boatloads of patience and understanding. Who can blame a parent for losing their temper every once in a while? But you can definitely take it too far -- like the Dallas mother who glued her daughter's hands to the wall.

Let that humdinger sink in for a moment. The toddler's siblings say their mother glued her daughter's hands to the wall because of potty training problems. She also hit her and kicked her in the stomach. And after pleading guilty to injuring a child, the mom had the nerve to tell reporters, "Only God can judge me. That's all I gotta say."


Um, no honey. Not only can a jury of your peers judge you, I think pretty much every parent who has ever gone through potty training is going to judge you. You crossed a line we all work hard not to cross. 

Many of us try hard not to judge other parents over the small stuff: Letting your kids have candy, occasional tantrums, too-old thumb suckers, formula feeding. There's a non-judgy parenting code that we try to stick with: Shut up, parenting is hard, give that lady pushing a 6-year-old in a stroller a break. (Seriously, I saw that the other day. Not judging! I was just surprised.)

But something like this comes along and we have to judge. Because there has to be a baseline of acceptable parenting that we can all agree on. It's one thing to have a bad day and yell when you don't need to yell. It's another thing to beat your child and glue her freakin' hands to the wall. That's not even going to help with the potty training! What purpose does that serve? It doesn't even make sense! How can you do something so crazy and then play the "no judgements, please" card?

This is me judging you, hand-gluing mom in Dallas. There's no excuse for that. It's child abuse. Thank goodness her children have been taken into custody.

Parents who feel themselves losing control of themselves around their children need to stop and get help. Run out of the house and call social services if you have to. But it shouldn't come to this. 

Have you ever been so frustrated with your kids that you wanted to do something this crazy -- but didn't?


Image via lylamerle/Flickr

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