'Teen Vogue' Disses Teens' Request to Show Girls as They 'Really Are' (VIDEO)

teen vogue spark movementRemember how Julia Bluhm and other teens challenged Seventeen Magazine to publish one spread each month that wasn't airbrushed? Editor-in-Chief Ann Shocket took the pledge and pushed it farther than Bluhm or anyone could have imagined. From now on they're featuring girls with a variety of "realistic" body types and no more airbrushing those girls' images, either. Amazing win for teens!

So, how about Teen Vogue? Teen girls sent their petition to the Conde Nast magazine and... SIGH. Let's just say the editors were not quite as receptive to the message as the editors of Seventeen


Spark Movement teens led by 17-year-old Emma Stydahar and 16-year-old Carina Cruz staged a fashion show in front of Teen Vogue's offices to demonstrate what real girls' bodies look like. And they were also invited to meet with the magazine editors.

But what a different meeting. First of all, no cupcakes and friendly office tour like at Seventeen. Instead, Stydahar and Cruz were sat down and told in no uncertain terms that Teen Vogue is already diverse, okay? DIVERSE. And as proof they were handed past issues marked with post-its showing the 2-3 brown-skinned models featured in each. Stydahar later wrote her impression.

Most of them were thin African-American models. It was a good start — we love seeing women of color in these magazines. But two or three an issue — and all of them super stick skinny — isn't what we're looking for.

What are they looking for? Check out their petition. They want Teen Vogue and other teen magazines to "stop altering natural bodies and faces so that real girls can be the new standard of beauty." But apparently Teen Vogue is not joining the positive body image revolution. I mean, someone has to keep reminding girls to feel badly about themselves!

Hello, feminism FAIL. 

I'm disappointed. It's not just that the editors aren't supporting the idea of positive images of girls. It's that they were so fucking rude about it! You've got a group of strong girls who are brave enough to try and change the world. It's inspiring! And what do the editors do? They basically tell the girls they're wrong. They shut them down. And you know what? That's just bullshit. Women in positions of power should be supporting girls like Emma and Carina. I hope they reconsider.

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Are you surprised that the Teen Vogue editors responded so differently than the Seventeen editors?


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