3-Year-Old Mysteriously Appears in Random Stranger's Home (VIDEO)

dagan pooleWe're always relieved when a "missing toddler" story ends happily with the child found alive and well. This story ends that way -- but with a wacky twist. Three-year-old Dagan Poole went missing one afternoon. There was a search, and by 3:00 p.m. that same day, little Dagan was found inside a neighbor's duplex -- along with some tampered bottles of alcohol, a board game that had been out of reach, and some candy. The neighbor, Yvette O'Day, had been away at work the whole time.

What the what? How did this happen?

Nobody knows. Dagan's mother Zena was sleeping in after working late. Dagan woke her up around 11:30 a.m. and then headed right out the front door. As they do.


Okay, did you catch all of that? Because it's kind of loopy. Dagan woke up his mama just before noon and then wandered off. There was a search and he was found at Yvette's home later that afternoon. But Yvette had nothing to do with it -- she was at work all this time. And if you ask Dagan, he just says "yes" to everything. Because he's 3.

Anyway, there's a school across from Yvette's home so maybe a kid found Dagan wandering around and decided to try a little pro bono babysitting. Who knows? Of course, it also looks like they helped themselves to some wine and schnapps. It's like a wacky, teenaged version of Goldilocks.

At least Dagan is safe. It doesn't look like he was harmed or even remotely traumatized. We may never know what really happened -- but I sure hope Zena starts locking her door.


Has your toddler ever tried to just walk out the door alone?


Image via KCTV5

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