6-Year-Old's Suggestive 'Booty Pop' Rap Video Goes Viral & Parents Go Apoplectic (VIDEO)

Here's the bad idea of the week: Take your 6-year-old child, put him in swimtrunks and a pool, surround him with bikini-clad adult women, and have him make sexually suggestive moves while singing lyrics like, "I can make your booty pop." Call the video "Booty Pop." Now upload it to YouTube. Voilá! Cue outrage and calls for child protection services to take the child away from his "abusive" parents. You could see this one coming, right? The video of 6-year-old Albert Roundtree, Jr. parading around in his skivs with a bunch of bikini-wearing women didn't go over so well with parents or the media. Which is sad cause the video is kind of cute!


Psychiatrist Keith Ablow bloviated to The O'Reilly Factor:

It’s child abuse, it’s sexual abuse of a 6-year-old boy ... The crime is this: they are making sexual gestures toward him. Nobody would pretend that if you walked up to a child on a beach and started to urge him to say these things while you danced in an erotic fashion around him, that you ought not to be arrested for doing that.

Oh, calm the hell down, Keith. First off, this wasn't a kid playing in the sand on the beach when an adult came over and began grinding against him. Albert, like a lot of kids, wanted to be a "rap star," and the parents, like a lot of parents, paid a production company to make him a music video. These things are all over YouTube. One of these kids, Rebecca Black, even became a legit pop star of sorts.

Was the concept of the video the smartest? No. But it's a joke. It's supposed to be funny. It's a parody of adult rap videos. Get it? No? Well, fine. So maybe the video wasn't the brightest idea. Parents do a lot of stupid things when they're trying to get their kid in show biz. Have you seen Toddlers & Tiaras?

But child abuse? Sexual abuse? There is REAL child and sexual abuse going on in this world, and I suggest we concentrate on that.

Florida child welfare services refuse to say whether Albert's parents are being investigated. I suspect mom and dad have probably learned to let the little wannabe rapper shake his booty in the privacy of his own bedroom. You know, like kids used to do.

Do you think this video is child abuse?

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